Welcome to our Yoga Studio

Deepen your practice and work towards some specific goals.
We can provide assistance in getting deeper into poses.
Find modifications to continue your practice and

Personal Yoga Session

Come indulge in one on one personal yoga practice. Get guidance for your personal practice to strengthen your body and mind.

$75 per hour or $40 per half hour

4 Beginner Yoga Series

Do you want to practice yoga, and sometimes feel a little clueless, or even intimidated to go to large group classes, where it feels like everyone else can bend and balance WAY better than you can?
Gain confidence for your home practice in this small group setting allowing more personal attention.
Each class in this series builds on itself.
Breath and mindfulness.techniques.
Build a strong foundation for a Sun Salutation.( the foundational yoga poses)
Learn proper alignment and use of props.

Starting October

Preregistration is required. For more details or to register
E-Mail massage@yourbodyshoppe.com or call 720-354-7307

Prenatal Yoga

Set a foundation of health, happiness and intuitive connection to your body and your baby through prenatal yoga, breathwork and meditation. Prenatal yoga enhances the bonding process with your baby while addressing the changing needs of the pregnant body through supportive alignment and visualizations that will increase energy, flexibility, mental stamina, stability and balance which can ultimately help ease labor and delivery.-For prenatal sessions book with Molly!