Welcome to our studio. We honor your body and your needs. We help in managing and relieving pain. We aid in the process of creating a healthy body. As we all know, a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. Our goal is to have you leave feeling more freedom improved well being. We want to make sure you leave our studio with a smile and keep smiling. Come experience care that is sustainable and natural. You deserve it.

Listen when your body whispers, so you don't have to scream – Cherokee Proverb

YourBodyShoppe Studio

Our studio is your place to take care of you. Our therapists are health enthusiast and firmly believe pain can be treated without the aid of expensive and intrusive methods has a long term benefit.  Our main objective was to develop a personalized pain relief and management plan for each client. Each client's needs and issues are unique to her. We believe that matters about sports injury, auto injury or work & life-related injury are treatable with various massage techniques. We use Neuromuscular, Myofascial method, trigger point relief, Swedish, and hot stone massage, amongst many other unique ways, creating more blood flow circulation and energy in the body.

In our effort to help clients live pain-free and to the fullest, YourBodyShoppe has incorporated yoga in a well-being regimen. We offer beginner and Vinyasa practice to our clients. We believe the practice of yoga allows the mind to be quiet and listen to the body and its needs. It teaches the art of being present, fostering the mind and body connection. Which ultimately leads to living a fuller life.

YourBodyShoppe's mission

We have one purpose. To see people be free of pain and live life to their maximum potential. The human body takes a toll as we live through a stressful life and work experience. We believe that healing starts from within, and if you fix the body, it opens avenues for many happy adventures in life. Our philosophy is a healthy body creates a healthy mind.


Our Successes

We have had the opportunity to witness to the successful treatment of clients that at first couldn't see a way of out of their painful bodies and pain medication. When bodies get the attention they deserve and adjusted, it allows people to feel normal. Anxiety, sports injury, work-related injury can see the benefits with massage and bodywork manipulation and aromatherapy. We believe that healing starts from within, and if you fix the body, it opens avenues for many happy adventures in life. For more information, please call us for a consultation.

Our specialties:

  • Pain relief and management
  • Vinyasa Yoga
  • Detox Therapy
  • Customized one on one yoga practice
  • Beginner yoga