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Controlled vacuum pressure gets deep into the belly of the muscle, stretching and releasing adhesion or "KNOTS".


Hot Stone

The healing energy and heat of the basalt stone, help melt away chronic main and stress.



High grade essential oils are hand selected to aid in physical and emotional support.

 Massage Therapy

30 Min.       $45

60 Min.       $85

90 Min.        $115

2 Hour        $145


Hot Stones $10

Cupping $10

Cupping and Hot Stones $15

Aromatherapy $5

Maintenance and Repair Program

Take a step towards feeling your best. Save time and money by prepaying and prebooking your series.

Based on our experience, most chronic pain can be significantly reduced in 4-8 sessions.

Recommended treatment plan: Repair: 1-2/week Maintenance 1-2/month


6 Series

30 Minute Sessions           $240

60 Minute Sessions           $450

90 Minute Sessions           $630

120 minute sessions          $810


Tight neck and shoulder muscles factor into how frequent and severe you experience headaches and migraines, our expert massage therapists will work with you to release the tension, alleviate the pain and show you how you can help lessen the chances of headaches affecting your life!



Avoid surgery, get relief  from targeted massage. Tight muscles in your hands, arms and even neck can cause stiffness, pain and numbness in your hands. We will pinpoint these areas, and get you relief FAST!


Get back to running/ walking with no pain, we will target tight muscles in the legs and feet to alleviate the tension causing pain and inflammation.


Clenching your teeth,  or grinding - creates tension and misalignment in the jaw creating pain and difficulty chewing or opening the mouth fully. Our targeted work will alleviate these symptoms.


Sitting at work, driving, side sleeping- causes imbalance within the hips, as muscles tense to compensate, it can restrict the nerves, causing painful radiating symptoms commonly known as Sciatica.


Tight muscles in your shoulder, peck, upper arm and neck,cause restricted range of motion and pain . Avoid surgery, get relief  from targeted massage.We will pinpoint these areas, and get you relief FAST!

Terms and Conditions for pre-paid services:

Sessions must be used by one person

Transfer fee applies sessions must be used within 6 months of purchase, otherwise balance can be applied to full cost of service.

**Treatment lengths can be upgraded at time of purchase or at the time of service.