Massage: What you need to know!

First of all, the MOST important thing for you to remember, is that this is YOUR TIME!

I suggest getting here a few minutes early, turn off your cell phone and begin to relax.

When you get on the massage table, close your eyes and focus on your breath.

Undress to your comfort level- this means you can wear exactly what you are wearing or get completly undressed, you will be covered by a blanket and sheets, with modesty taken into consideration when we un-drape the area we are focusing on. Depending on the reason for your visit, it may be suggested to remove certain items of clothing, however it is still possible to work while you are clothed. Also…. yes, people DO get down to their birthday suit, and it is not considered weird or forward, your massage therapist is a professional and will make you feel comfortable and safe!

Communicate with your therapist.

During the intake we will ask you what are your desired results? Just want to relax, let us know! Do you have chronic pain? be specific and detailed when explaining the issue to your massage therapist, it will help guide your treatment, rather say “my low back on my right side hurts” even better, let me know what causes the pain to be worse or relieves some of the pain

Pressure level- more pain does NOT mean better results. Every person has a different level of tolerance, so please communicate if something is painful!

Your job while on the table:

Communicate- every BODY is different, please let us know if something is PAINFUL, there is a difference between pain and tender though, so don’t get that confused, there can be a “hurts so good” but do not assume that the more pressure the better, if it hurts it is your responsibility to let your therapist know, we are not mind readers ­čÖé

Sometimes we like to do stretches for you, or move your limbs, while this can be difficult, let us do this for you, if you try to “help” it may defeat the purpose or make the treatment less effective .

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