ion therapy IonCleanse® by A Major Difference The IonCleanse® by AMD

I am so excited to now offer the top of the line, safest, most researched , most effective Ion Cleanse treatments available!

Toxins! They are everywhere, in the food we eat, the water ( or other beverages) we drink, our cleaning products, our skin care products, fabric softeners, soaps, medications…. you get it, these things are in most EVERYTHING!

Sure, we can avoid it to some degree, but even the most conscious person will still be breathing them in.

This is what causes our bodies to feel sluggish, achy and tired.

The Ion Cleanse is an easy way to pull out all that junk!

Within on 30 minute session, people report feeling lighter, having more energy and less discomfort.

I am continuing to read more about the effects this treatment has one ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and I am SO excited!

Health should be our number one priority, after all, we do only get ONE body this lifetime!

Now offering – Ion Cleanse Full Body Detox!

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