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Signature Services

Deep Relief

Athletes, Chronic Pain, Injury Recovery

Aromatherapy promotes healing

Hot Stone melts the tissue and allows deep work with less pain

Cupping promotes blood flow, creates a vacuum pressure in muscles

Balance    &


Promotes relaxation and health

Thai Foot Massage


Hot Stone

Ayurvedic Scalp Massage




Controlled vacuum pressure gets deep into the belly of the muscle, stretching and releasing adhesion or "KNOTS".


Hot Stone


The healing energy and heat of the basalt stone, help melt away chronic main and stress.




High grade essential oils are hand selected to aid in physical and emotional support.

 Signature Massage Services

 ...only at Your Body Shoppe

30 Min.           $57

60 Min.           $91   

90 Min.          $120   

2 Hour           $150


Traditional Massage Services

30 Min.       $44

60 Min.       $78

90 Min.        $108

2 Hour        $138