Don’t let pain stop you from doing what you love…


Our bodies are a complex machine that require regular maintenance. We perform regular maintenance on our vehicles and other machines; these things can be replaced. WE ARE ONLY GIVEN ONE BODY. Massage helps alleviate the tension due to everyday activities, poor body mechanics and injuries.


Let our skilled therapist ease your tension and relieve your pain. We use a variety of techniques including: Neuromuscular, Sports, Swedish, Trigger Point, and Myofascial Release in order to loosen and stretch the muscle tissues allowing for better overall function in your body. We are here to help support you in getting your muscles in peak condition.


After your session we will take time to show you ways to adjust your daily habits and posture, in order to prevent the problem from recurring.  We will also give you suggestions for self-care in order to help to maintain balance in your body.





Our skilled massage therapists can help alleviate the pain and discomfort associated with:


Headaches & Migraines


Rotator Cuff Problems


Golf/Tennis Elbow

Back Pain

Plantar Fascitis

Knee Pain

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